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Mission & Philosophy

Canterbury Mission
Mission & Philosophy
The Canterbury Episcopal School inspires in each student a love of learning in preparation for college with an emphasis on academic excellence, spiritual development, appreciation of diversity, and social responsibility.

Spiritual Development
The Canterbury Episcopal School has its foundation in the belief and tradition of the Anglican Church. The school is committed to educating the whole child through Canterbury’s Chapel and Advisory programs which anchor the school’s values of spiritual development, appreciation of diversity, and social responsibility.

Social Responsibility
Community Service is an important component of Canterbury’s school life, fulfilling the school’s mission statement, “inspiring in each student…a sense of social responsibility.” It is evident that the service and leadership opportunities provided build confidence in students and teach them to identify and meet needs of the school and local communities.

Appreciation of Diversity
The Canterbury Episcopal School embraces students of all races, creeds, beliefs, and economic backgrounds. All are welcomed and respected. The diversity of the school is one of its most valuable aspects, as we send our graduates into an ever-more diverse and globally connected world. The ability to understand and respect those who differ from us will be one of the most important habits of mind in the 21st century.