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The Canterbury Difference

Canterbury Difference
The Canterbury Difference
Canterbury prides itself on its challenging, college preparatory curriculum and focus on character development and on educating students who are world-aware. This is the Canterbury Difference and it shows in our graduates who are making a difference in the world.
The Canterbury Episcopal School provides a challenging education in the humanities, arts, and sciences. Classes at Canterbury compel students to explore and examine a recognized body of scholarship that prepares each student for life as an informed, contributing citizen.
The Canterbury educational experience is structured to develop mastery of subject matter as well as a life-long love of learning. Underlying this mission is the intention to cultivate both the mind and spirit of each student. Accordingly, a Canterbury Episcopal School education includes the development of moral understanding and an awareness of values and viewpoints beyond the self.
Canterbury recognizes that one of the goals of education in independent schools is to instill in students a sense of social responsibility, justice, and empathy. Canterbury’s Chapel and Advisory programs anchor the school’s values of spiritual development, appreciation of diversity, and social responsibility. Students participate in chapel liturgy where an exploration of faith, ethics, and moral issues are presented in a variety of age appropriate ways.
In addition, students participate in advisory activities. Advisory activities include examinations of current affairs and participation in a division-wide service-learning program that offers opportunities for students to both volunteer and reflect. Inside classrooms and out in the community, Canterbury continuously challenges students to think critically about a wide range of contemporary issues. 
Canterbury is a school firmly rooted in the Christian tradition and in Anglican faith and practice. As a school we embrace people of all faiths and those who have none. All are welcomed and respected. The diversity of the school is one of its most valuable aspects, as we send our graduates into an ever more diverse and globally connected world. The ability to understand and respect those who differ from us will be a most important asset in the 21st century.
What Makes Canterbury Special?
* Canterbury’s 32-Acre Wooded Campus is unique in both beauty and seclusion, offering an ideal backdrop for your child’s academic and social success.
* Our Safe and Ethical Environment ensures the safety and well being of our students.
* Canterbury’s College Preparatory Curriculum has been carefully designed to challenge students in the humanities, arts, and sciences and is enhanced by foreign language at every level and Advanced Placement classes. The success of this design is proven as 100% of our graduates are accepted to competitive colleges.
* Our Qualified and Talented Teaching Staff, with their unique and individualized approach, assures each student has the tools necessary to reach their full potential.
* An intentional focus on Character Development provides Canterbury graduates the skills required to be socially responsible and globally aware citizens.
* Our Faith-Based Education cultivates both the mind and spirit of your child, developing not only their academic knowledge but also their moral understanding, values, and viewpoints.
* Competitive Athletics motivate our students to excel beyond the classroom while learning valuable life lessons such as sportsmanship, honor, integrity, and respect.
* Our Fine Arts program provides enriching experiences for each student through theater, music, and art.