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Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

The Canterbury Episcopal School has its foundation in the belief and tradition of the Episcopal Church. The school is committed to educating the whole child through Canterbury’s Chapel and Advisory programs which anchor the school’s values of spiritual development, appreciation of diversity, and social responsibility.  We partner with St Ann Episcopal Church and utilize their beautiful facilities for our chapel services each week.


Spiritual Formation & Christian Education

at The Canterbury Episcopal School



Spiritual formation is a core distinctive at The Canterbury Episcopal School and we are committed to integrating the Christian life into every aspect of the educational experience.  


We utilize biblical instruction, virtue integration and discipleship to accomplish this aspect of our mission.


We are an ecumenical and diverse school and strive to include people of all backgrounds and faith experiences in our community.  Our identity in the strong tradition of Episcopal education drives our compassion and love for others, while our commitment to the Baptismal Covenant & Book of Common Prayer keeps us grounded as distinctively Christian and guides us in all decisions regarding governance, leadership, philosophy, and curriculum.


Biblical Instruction



  • Twice-weekly chapel services


Lower- and Upper-Elementary School (Pre-Kindergarten - 6th grade)

  • Monthly character trait (Pre-K-6th) that includes an applicable Bible verse 
  • Christian Education (5th and 6th grade) weekly scripture memorization including The Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23, and the books of the Bible


Upper School (7th - 12th grade)

  • Old Testament Course
  • New Testament Course
  • Comparative Religious Ethics (graduation requirement)


Virtue Integration



  • Collected items for victims of hurricane Harvey - Romans 12:9-13
  • Collected/Dispensed items for the homeless - Isaiah 58:10
  • Collected items for a local family in great need - 1 Tim 5:3
  • Our Friends Place (musical and dramatic performances for residents of elder care facility, willing students gave hugs to residents) - Acts 20:3


Lower- and Upper-Elementary School

  • Huddle Up (5th grade boys devotional group led by staff member)
  • Character trait/Virtue driven curriculum: Creating Classrooms and Homes of Virtueby Margaret D. Walding


Upper School

  • Comparative Religious Ethics course (graduation requirement)
  • Girls devotional (focus this year is the fruit of the Spirit) 
  • Specific character trait and aligned scripture focus consistent with theme of that month’s divisional chapels (there are 4)
  • Health class that focuses on mental, physical and spiritual health (includes volunteerism that serves the lower elementary school recess/gym)
  • Various On-campus Service Opportunities
  • Upper School Retreat – Twice-yearly gathering that addresses topics from overcoming adversity to being a contributor to a supportive community. Our next retreat theme is Dealing with Conflict Resolution and Community Building with speaker Mira Rollins. Erika Ellis ( spoke at our last retreat.





  • Discipleship is an ongoing endeavor.  It is integrated into every class, recess, and lunch period.  The forging of personal relationships and modeling of the Christian walk is the most important facet, blessing, and honor of being part of the Canterbury family. We are always looking to grow in this area and lean on our staff, volunteers and parents to help grow continually in this all-important area.
  • Discipleship through service (Bon Ton Farms, on-campus service, etc.)


Lower- and Upper-Elementary School

  • Christian Education (5th and 6th grade) weekly scripture memorization including The Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23, and the books of the Bible


Upper School

  • Girls devotional (7th and 8th grade) (focus this year is the fruit of the Spirit) 
  • Girls basketball coach disciples his players by providing service opportunities for the team in an effort to build Christ-like relationships via giving, selflessness and sacrifice
  • Six Week Special Session (7th-9th grade boys) - “How to maintain your Christian self in secular culture and the struggles of living for Christ on campus” (led by volunteer from local church)
  • Six Week Session (8th grade girls) with Shanterra McBride from Marvelous University -