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Academics » Lower School

Lower School

Primary School
Grades PK3 - First Grade

Canterbury students begin living our school’s mission in primary. Teachers inspire and foster a love of learning that should continue throughout a student’s academic career. The environment is nurturing and allows each student to maintain an appropriate individual identity. Linked to the love of learning in our mission statement is preparation for college. To achieve this preparation, our curriculum has been carefully designed to challenge students so that they are encouraged to expand their learning experiences as they explore new and exciting areas of interest. Through hands-on experimentation and cooperative learning, students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills essential for success in all aspects of their lives.
The high academic curriculum is enhanced by technology and the arts. Technology is seamlessly integrated into the core curriculum at all grade levels beginning in Kindergarten. And finally, participation in the fine arts, physical education, and the numerous clubs available, build the spirit and the body just as the academic curriculum does for the mind.  STEM is interwoven into projects and creativity during independent work time.  
Music instruction, including theory, allows students to explore their musical talents and interests while supporting the core curriculum. Families have several opportunities throughout the year to celebrate their child’s talents and performances.
Chapel is an essential part of the goal of spiritual development in the school’s mission. During chapel, students are afforded a priceless opportunity to pause from the exciting school routine and direct their thoughts to eternal matters – to give thanks for blessings received and to place their petitions before a loving God. In the quiet of spiritual contemplation, in listening to religious instruction, and in joining with others in praise and worship, students are nourished and refreshed to continue their learning experiences.