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College Counseling » A College Counseling Philosophy

A College Counseling Philosophy

The Canterbury Episcopal School community values “love of learning in preparation for college.” We view the college admissions process as a culminating experience that brings together many of the lessons students learn in their school careers: how to communicate effectively in writing and orally; how to manage projects with several variables; how to meet deadlines with attention to detail; and, perhaps most importantly, how to make responsible decisions that reflect an emerging sense of self . As they prepare for the world beyond Canterbury, choosing a college is one of the first major adult decisions many high school students are going to make on their own behalf. Canterbury’s college counseling staff strives to play a supportive role in students’ college process.

College Counseling has as its primary mission counseling students to find the best college “fit” that matches their particular strengths and abilities. Through formal and informal sessions with students and families, the college counselors engage students in a dialog that emphasizes process—asking meaningful questions; striving to become more self-aware; and considering a variety of options and alternatives. The college counseling process works in conjunction with a supportive, caring faculty and Canterbury’s rigorous, college preparatory curriculum.