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Teacher Evaluation

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Applicant Information

Please assess the student above by completing the evaluation and answering the questions below. Be assured that the information you provide will be kept Confidential. We appreciate your time and effort in completing this evaluation.

Personal Characteristics Below Expectations
2 3 4 Exceptional
No Basis
Peer Relations
Assumption of responsibility
Management of conflict/resolution
Emotional Maturity
Attitude toward faculty/staff

Academic Performance Below Expectations
2 3 4 Exceptional
No Basis
Reading Skills
Writing Skills
Oral Communication Skills
Problem-Solving Skills
Facts/Computation Skills
Academic Achievement
Prediction of Academic Success
Would you recommend for an honors class?
Has outside help been recommended?
Has outside help been given?

Study Habits Below Expectations
2 3 4 Exceptional
No Basis
Ability to work independently
Ability to work with others
Pattern of completing work on time
Attention Span
Organization/Care of materials
Work Ethic

Health & Attendance Record Below Expectations
2 3 4 Exceptional
No Basis
General Health

Please select from one of the following recommendations for admissions to The Canterbury Episcopal School:

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  2. Recommend
  3. Recommend with reservation because
  4. Do not recommend because

Please make a short comment on the following:

Applicant's qualities of mind: (keenness, originality, imagination):*

Applicant's social and emotional development as compared with that of others of the same chronological age:*

Disabilities or special needs (Including amount of teacher time required):*

Applicant's strengths:*

Applicant's weaknesses:*

Parental expectations, support, and attitude toward applicant and school:*

Special comment:*

This student has been enrolled in this school for years. I have known him/her for years.

Teacher Information